My name is Maud Fast.  I live with my husband Mikael and our Afghan Hounds in Espoo (Esbo), Finland, just 15 kilometers from the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

I got my first Afghan hound when I was just a bit over fourteen years old. I had through my interest in horses learned to know Jenny Savander, who introduced me to her grandmother, Anna-Leena Konttinen. Anna-Leena and her daughter Pirkko were the owners of the famous kennel Tuohi-Tikan. Together with Pirkko’s sister Raisa they taught me a lot about Afghan hounds, the Finnish language and drinking coffee, and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today in many ways.


There was a litter born in the kennel in July 1979. I did of course try to talk my parents into buying a puppy, but they resisted until December the same year. One of the puppies was to be exported to Japan, but had to be, if I remember right, four or five months before it could be sent off. A second male puppy was kept as companion to Hitti, but in the end of November Pirkko and Anna-Leena started to look for a new home for T-T Husaari, “Husku”. After having consulting my Grandfather, who had been the opinion that the girl could have worse hobbies than dogs (bless his wise heart!), my parents decided to allow me to buy Husku. Husku was a bit over four months when he came to us. 

In February 1982 there was a new litter born in kennel Tuohi-Tikan. Anna-Leena and Pirkko had allowed me stay with them for the birth of the litter, and I had luck on my side, the puppies were born on my winter holidays. The biggest boy, T-T Liki, or at home Maxi, moved to us to keep Husku company.

My “second” afghan hound life

   Ludde and the dogs after him







I met my husband to be in 1985, and it soon became clear to me that I had to make a choice between my boyfriend and the dogs. Due to allergies (no animal allergies though) he was recommended by doctors not to have any animals at home at all. It was a though decision, but I have never regretted it. We married in 1989, and later got four wonderful children. And we are still married.

Due to several different reasons we decided in 2004 to get a syrian hamster for our youngest daughter. Nino, a longhaired satin yellow female, was soon followed by Zanna (longhaired satin banded cream female), Lulu (longhaired satin normal female) and Marcus (longhaired satin black male). I enjoyed the hamsters a lot, a fact that got my husband thinking in new ways about getting a dog, and well, the rest is history.

That autumn there were not many litters born, but a slightly older male puppy was still looking for a home in Sari Laakso’s kennel (since 2009 kennel Scented). We went to Tampere to look at Allmylife, “Ludde”, and we were immediately charmed by his wonderful temperament.  Ludde was 13 weeks old when he moved to us.

Already in 2008 we decided that we would be ready to get a second Afghan Hound in 2009. In the beginning of July I contacted Liza Lopez at kennel Yhazin, who had a litter with a very interesting pedigree born about a month earlier. As a result Micke, Yhazin Freelancer, 8,5 weeks old red black masked male moved to us. Ludde was happier than I thought it was possible a dog could get, and allowed Micke everything. A man’s best friend is said to be the dog, but a dog’s best friend will always be an other dog.

One year later, in the summer of 2010, Micke’s brother Justin (Yhazin Finders Keepers) moved to us. In autumn 2014 the pack grew with a little girl, Kalila (Pramya Eyes On Me Please) and a year later,

 after Ludde had passed away, we were joined by Niki (Scented Counter Strike), a bitch from some what the same lines as Ludde, and creme coloured like he was. Niki was my attempt to heal the wound in my heart left by Ludde. Justin passed away in 2018 after a bad reaction to antibiotics, but Micke lived with us until almost twelve years of age. In 2018 our pack grew with the addition of Minos, Khaos d’King Of Today, and in 2023 with Yass, Kominke’s Jasmine. Kalila left us in October 2023 after an accident were she injured her pastern beyond repair. 



Breed Club work

In autumn 2008 I was elected vice member of the board of the Finnish Afghan Hound Club for 2009, in 2009 ordinary member of the board (for 2010-2016, 2017-2021). Since the beginning of 2009 I functioned as its secretary, up until 2018. Right now I’m functioning as cashier and member secretary and webmaster. I have also been member of the board of the Swedish Afghan hound club between 2012 and 2019, and editor of the club’s yearbook from 2014 to 2023.



Pictures on this page Jan Coppens, Håkan Selroos, Saori Wohlin