Tuohi-Tikan Liki

b. 17.02.1982 d. 23.04.1994
s. FI CH Ismails Uffah  d. CIB Tuohi-Tikan Tulitukka
breeder Anna-Leena & Pirkko Konttinen, owner Maud Selroos (Fast) & Steffe Selroos

CAC winner in Finland and Sweden

Maxi in the Finnish database KoiraNet

There was a litter expected at kennel Tuohi-Tikan two and a half years after Husku was born, and I had been promised to stay at the kennel for the birth of the puppies. They were expected during my winter holidays, a week long school holiday i February, and were born about in the middle of the week. My mum and brother happened to visit the kennel just after one of the males was born. Perhaps that was the reason my mum always loved Maxi so much. And it was mutual, Maxi was on paper mine and my brother’s, but in his heart he belonged to mum.

It was not ment from the beginning that we would take a puppy, but my parents taught it would be great for Husku to get company, and I was of course not the one to say no. I remember that the decision was made on March 31th, and early the next morning I called Pirkko and asked if the puppy was still free. Yes he was, where did I think he would have disappeared during the night was Pirkko’s answer. When I told her we want to take him she didn’t believe me at first, thinking it was an April Fools’ Day joke. It took me a while to get her to believe it was for real. And then when she told her sister on the way to work that we will take Maxi, Raisa had a hard time believe her. 

Maxi moved to us when he was twelve weeks old. Like many adult dogs was Husku not very keen on the puppy at first, but they soon came to be best friends forever. Husku was the leader, and Maxi followed him. And the suddenly one day when Husku was about ten years old, he gave the leadership over to Maxi. Maxi started getting interested in bitches, he was the first one to go great other dogs, or to go to the door when the door bell sounded. 

Maxi took part in some conformations shows, but he was big, and very slow to mature. He received one CAC from Finland, and one from Sweden from a specialty show. He was not into racing at all, he just took part in race track competitions as a spectator.