Welcome Kalila! Pramya Eyes On Me Please will join our family in September!
(CIB Karakush The Meow Factor - CIB Pramya Blond All Over)



Last updates to the webpages. The blog is updated more frequently.

22.8.2013 The galleries of 2012 and 2013 are updated. The newspages of 2012 and 2013 are updated. Micke's page is updated.

20.8.2013 The blog is updated with pictures going back to the summer of 2012!

15.8.2013 After a long break updates on several pages, and more to come during the next week!

13.1.2012 A lot of pages have been updated, I have just forgot to mention it here :( All galleries for 2011, Ludde's results and Micke has pictures in the 2012 gallery.

26.9.2011 Mickes page, Micke's results, Ludde's results, news, newsflash, index.

18.9.2011 New picture of Ludde's Dad Thank You De Darjeeling addded to the relatives page.

12.9.2011 Luddes page, news, newsflash, Ludde's gallery 2011.

2.9.2011 New result page for Ludde, new sidebar pictures for Ludde.

30.8.2011 Justin's Results, news, Justin's gallery 2011, Micke's gallery 2011.

22.8.2011 New pictures of Micke's and Justin's relatives. New pictures in the sidebar of Micke's and Justin's pages. New result page for Justin.

20.8.2011 Micke's page, Micke's results, Micke's gallery 2011.

14.8.2011 Old entries in the blog are updates with pictures.

10.8.2011 New resultpage for Micke.

9.7.2011. News, Micke's page, newsflash.

20.6.2011 News, Justin's page, newsflash.

29.5.2011 Micke's and Justin's galleries.

25.5.2011 News, newsflash and frontpage picture.

14.5.2011 Newsflash.

6.4.2011 New outlook for the pages.

12.3.2011 News.

11.3.2011 Updates on the link page.

7.3.2011 Micke's and Justin's galleries 2011.

What a day! 25.7.2015, Mikkeli international in Finland, under judge Hannele Jokisilta: Justin BOB and CACIB, Micke BM-3 and CAC, Kalila BB-2 and CAC!