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Here you can find more information about our dogs and us, and what we have been up to lately. The blog is not working yet, but will soon be updated with more day to day information. 


OUR First litter is due in august!

Our Niki (Scented Counter Strike) has been bred to the handsome Justin (Yhazin Finders Keepers) by AI. Ultrasound has confirmed that she carries at least five puppies. The puppies are due in the beginning of August.

Both parents are well built and easy going. Justin has done well both in the conformation ring and lure coursing field, Niki has mostly competed in lure coursing. 

We hope to get well built and easy going puppies who will be nice companions but also work well for the conformation ring and the lure coursing field. 

Pedigree for the litter in the Finnish database KoiraNet






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Pictures on this page: Tuss BennergÄrd-Rojas, Irene Vinha, Ari Salmela, Saori Wohlin, Mikael Fast