Maxi1arliten.jpg 17.2.1982 - 23.4.1994
Golden black masked male
Sire: Fi Ch Ismails Uffah
Dame: Int Ch Tuohi-Tikan Tulitukka
Breeder: Anna-Leena and Pirkko Konttinen, Finland
Owner: Maud Fast (Selroos) and Stefan Selroos, Finland

Maxi was born in February, one of nine puppies. We had ski holidays from school, and the puppies were born during that holiday. Good for me, or I wouldn’t have had the possibility to stay by Anna-Leena and Pirkko Konttinen for the birth. It was the second litter for Tuikku, Ch Tuohi-Tikan Tulitukka, and she was a great mother. We were not supposed to take a puppy from the litter, but my parents decided it could do well for Husku, who had been severely ill, to get a friend to play with.

Maxi was officially mine and my brother’s dog. He was quite big, with a huge deeper golden coat than Husku had.He was for very long quite instable in his body, one of those males that take a long time to develop. He was in style much more Scandinavian than what Husku was, but so was his pedigree mostly too. Maxi was a grand grandson to the famous Panameric of Stormhill, and like so many of Riki's children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren he was a scented Afghan. Every time he was happy he scented of musk, a fine, fine scent coming fron some where in his head.

Maxi gained two CAC from shows, one of them from Sweden, before he due to an infection in his paws were unable to train and withdraw from the shows. We tried him on the racing track when he was a youngster, but he never got the idea of chasing the fake rabbit. Real hares were quite a different thing, and I'm sure he would have catched one whenever if he would only have been let to.

Maxi was the eternal puppy, being young and playful until old age. He belonged in heart and soul to my mother, and the love was mutual. No matter how much I went for walks with him, took care of his coat and trained him, he liked me, but he never belonged to me. But we had a lot of fun together, and he learned me a lot of how differnt dog personalities have to be met in a different way. What worked with Husku did seldom work with Maxi, who was a much more sensible dog. Maxi was like Husku able to spend his twelfth birthday before he peacefully slept away at home.





Maxi in 1990

What a day! 25.7.2015, Mikkeli international in Finland, under judge Hannele Jokisilta: Justin BOB and CACIB, Micke BM-3 and CAC, Kalila BB-2 and CAC!