Conformation 3x CAC from Finland, 1x CAC from Sweden, 2x r-CAC, 4x CACIB, 1x r-CACIB.
Holder of both LC and track licenses.
Eyes checked clear June 2011 and 2013.

Say hello to our newest family member Justin! Justin, officially Yhazin Finders Keepers, was born on the 25th of May, 2009 in the south of Sweden, in Liza Lopez's kennel Yhazin. He has 7 brothers and 3 sisters, and he is a full brother to our Micke. All brothers are in different shades of golden and red with black masks and the sisters are golden with black mask, silver with black mask and black and tan. Justin was the third male to be born, the white collar male. Dam of the litter is Multi Ch Yhazin Drums of Africa and the sire Tuohi-Tikan Teikkari.

In the summer of 2009, when I was in Hyllinge in order to pick up my puppy, the decision was in the end between the white collar male and the fifth male. I felt the white collar male was a bit too calm, and he showed no signs of being interested in the lure we had brought with us. Ludde is a very calm Afghan, and at the time he showed no signs of being interested in racing, so I chose the male number five, who was always up to something, and showed a lot of interest in the lure, in order to have something quite different from Ludde (and o'boy, I did get exactly what I wanted, something quite different from Ludde! Read more about Micke in his own pages!). But I liked the white collar male, later named Justin, a lot, and followed closely his developement and progress during the year to come. I so hoped he would find a nice home, with a family that would bring him to shows and other sighthound activities. But that was not to happen. Justin grew into a very promising young male, but that right home didn't pop up. In the end was Liza growing a bit desperate, she had left at home an other male, and the young boys started to need a lot of coat care and schooling. I talked my husband Mikael into accepting a third Afghan, and so became Justin part of our pack in the end of July 2010.

I travelled to Stockholm with Mikael, and took from there the train to Hyllinge. It was great to meet Liza and the dogs again! Justin was bathed, groomed and had a health check, and early the next morning we drove to Hässleholm, from where I and Justin took the train back to Stockholm. Justin was an amazing companion on the train and at the central railway station in Stockholm. He was not used to so many people around him, but behaved as if walking at railway stations was something he undertook every day! Good boy!

In Stockholm we stopped by at Mikael's place for a lunch before we ordered a cab for the ferry to Finland. Justin was calm as a cucumber at the ship, and got lots of praise from people around everytime we took a tour on the outside of our cabin. A funny story can be inserted here. A neighbour of the owner (Merja) of Micke's and Justin's father Keke told Merja a couple of days later that when she came home from Stockholm, she saw at the ship a young afghan looking just like Keke! Well, not bad for a non-dogperson, since it was Justin she had seen, and he looks quite a lot like his father.

Micke was very interested and happy in having a playmate in his own age to play with, but Ludde was more distant. Fortunately are both Ludde and Justin very good at "dog language", and Ludde didn't have to give many signs to Justin before Justin realized exactly how to behave together with the older dog and pack leader. Nowadays does Ludde tolerate more from Justin, but still, if he is for example tired, he only needs to give a small sign, and Justin leaves him alone. I wish Micke was as good, but no, he goes on like a perpetuum mobile, ignoring Ludde's signs totally.

As Justin became more familiar with us and our ways he also became more open and active. He was totally lost when he saw his first hares, and I was for a moment a bit worried about his sight. But the next minute he chased squirrels and birds with gusto, so I came to the conclusion that he perhaps never had seen a hare before, and that's why he was without a clue about what to do. Today, two and half months after his arrival, he's quite relaxed, and it feels like he has always been here. I think the pack is functioning much better now, since in many ways is Justin the middle man between the quite opposite Ludde and Micke, smoothing out the differencies. He is, for example, always up for play with Micke, but he can be calm and travel together with Ludde, without loosing his nerves.

Ludde and Micke participated in race track training during the summer and the autumn, and Justin of course participated in the trips. He never showed any interest in the lure at the training evenings, and I concluded that the disinterest he already as an 8 weeks old puppy showed, was part of his personality. But, in the beginning of October, as Ludde took part in his first race track competition (read more about Ludde's journey from "I couldn't care less about the lure" to holder of race track licence at his own pages), something said click in the head of Justin. He couldn't take his eyes from the lure at the track, and he was for sure not following the dogs with his eyes, it was all about wanting to go over there and hunt down the fake rabbit! He screamed as he was not allowed to enter the track, and stood on his back legs trying to some how escape to the track. He didn't even find time to play with his friend Nyara when he heard the motor of the lure. Way to go, Justin!

Justin has so far taken part in one show. He got an excellent and third place, and an excellent critique from Rita Reyniers, B, who only wished him to stabilize a bit more. Justin is still quite loose in the front, but fortunately that is a problem that will grow away as he matures and gets more regular excercise. He will take part in a couple of more shows in 2010, and then start showing more regularly in 2011.

Update May 2011! Justin has during the winter done hard work on as well muscle training as running. He has also found his inner hunter, and is now chasing as well living hares as the fake hare on the lure coursing track. He has so far only been practicing, but he will take part in competition later this summer.

Update July 2011! Justin received his first CAC from renowned judge Rainer Vuorinen at Kotka international show 18.6.2011, and finished the testruns for his race track license just in time before we moved to Stockholm, Sweden! In August Justin took part in the Finnish lure coursing championships, and ended up at a nice fifth place! Very well done from a dog who only one year earlier was completely exhausted from running 300 meters!

Update February 2013: 2012 was a difficult year in many ways, and updates have been few. A summary of Justin's year cover a conformation CAC from Finland, a conformation CAC and r-CAC from Sweden adna second place with very good points at the midsummer eve lure coursing competition.

Update August 2014: Justin finished his Finnish and Swedish championtitles in 2013, and received his first CACIB. In 2014 he was sparingly shown, only five times, but ended up with BOB and BIG-2,BOB with CACIB and BM-2 with CACIB.

Update October 2015: During 2015 has dog activities been on a pretty low level, due to life outside the dog world. Still Justin, being showed only a handful times, has received two CACIBs, one from Finland and one from Sweden, and has several Best Male placements.


Justin BOB with CACIB at Mikkeli int, Finland, 25.7.2015. Judge Hannele Jokisilta.