HuskuTavastehusliten.jpg 23.7.1979 - 1.3.1992
Golden black masked male
Sire: Fi S Ch Scaramis Mocador
Dame: Int Ch Tuohi-Tikan Tulitukka
Breeder: Anna-Leena and Pirkko Konttinen, Finland
Owner: Maud Fast (Selroos), Finland

Husku was my first Afghan hound, and my first dog too. He was always my dog, in heart and soul, a once in a lifetime dog. I still miss him a lot, and I feel that it was first when Ludde came to us that I did come to peace with the fact that Husku is no longer here. Still, I get quite weepy every time I think about him, and I am first now, several years after these pages are up in the web, capable to write more about him.

Husku was a golden boy with black mask, quite heavy built, but all in all of good construction. He came to us as four months old, and lived until he was twelve and half years old. Husku was an Afghan hound with big A, a gentleman, an aristocrate, a leader. He had very clear opinions about a lot of things in life, and there were never a question about who was the leader of the dog pack. Then, when Husku was about ten years old he "decided" that he was too old for looking after beautiful bitches, and almost over the night did Maxi grow up to be the new leader.

We participated in junior class during his first show year with good results, several CQ's, no CAC's, but no second pizes either. I also took part in junior handler competitions with Husku. My parents never objected driving to different shows, which I'm very thankful for, and I think I learned a lot during that first show year.

When Husku was 1,5 years old he got a very serious bowel infection. He was hospitalized for several days, and was on very strong antibiotics for a long time. He finally got well, but as a result, probably of the heavy medication, he lost almost all of his coat. It began of course to grow back, and you can imagine my happiness when he at the first show, 1,5 years after his illness, got the mention "excellent coat" in his critique!

What was a bigger problem than the coat was that Husku lost his appetite after the illness. We had serious problems getting him to eat, and without eating, when his extremly sensitive bowel got empty, he started to vomit. In February 1982 there was a new litter born in kennel Tuohi-Tikan. We had not intended to buy a puppy, but then my parents suggested that if we would get one, perhaps Husku's appetite would grow, and so did Maxi (T-T Liki) move to us in May 1982. Husku got better, not as much as we had hoped for, but enough to live a good and active life.

Husku returned to the show rings after his illness, and received his Finnish championtitle in 1984. He started to race on the track, wich he loved. At that time there were no lure coursing competitions in Finland, but I'm sure he would have loved them if there had been. Husku was never fast compaired to the dogs racing at that time, his record being 40,26 s on 480 meters, but he was a safe racing companion. Husku was never really trained for the track, the chasing was in his genes, and I'm sure, if he had been exercized in a more consistent way he would have been able to cut at least half a second from his own record. Today are most of the Afghan hounds a lot slower than Husku was, and it feels strange to remember him as the slow dog, when he today would have been quite a fast male. Something in the instinct of the Afghan hounds has gone lost during these twenty years, and I find that very worrying.

When I started to study and moved to my own home in the nearby town was Husku already an old dog, and we decided that he and Maxi would continue to live with my parents. It would have been quite a big change for them to suddenly have to stay alone at home for a whole day, and since I had moved less than ten kilometers, I had no problems to go and take care of the coat, and for several times a week go for walks with the dogs. My mother told me Husku got old when I moved, but I myself never saw it. Every time I took him for walks he was like a puppy again, enjoying the company and walking with brisk steps, interested in everything. I think he missed me as much as I missed him.

Husku reached the age of twelve in the summer 1991. In the spring of 1992 he slept away.



Husku and I back in 1980





What a day! 25.7.2015, Mikkeli international in Finland, under judge Hannele Jokisilta: Justin BOB and CACIB, Micke BM-3 and CAC, Kalila BB-2 and CAC!